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Eye Am Photography

Your online gallery
Within two weeks of your session, you will receive access to a password protected online gallery. You will be shown between 20-25 images from your session in an online gallery. Each image will be shown in colour as well as black and white. Your gallery will be available for a period of 3 days for you to make your selections. Once your gallery is ready to go online you will be contacted to choose a 3 day period when you will have the time to make your selections.

Unordered Images
All images will be kept on file for a period of 90 days. After that time, any images that have not been ordered may be deleted. Images that have been ordered for prints will be kept on file for a period of one year in case you wish to order more prints. After that time, if no further prints are ordered the images may be deleted.

The Referral Program
Referral Program - For every referral that results in a booked paid session, you will receive a $75 credit with Eye Am Photography. You can use this credit towards a future session or prints or whatever you would like. Build up enough credit and you can get your session for free. With your order, you will receive referral cards to share. The referral card gives the recipient a complimentary 5x7 when they book a session.