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Eye Am Photography

One definition of Photography is Painting with Light. Although with the advent of Digital Photography, a more modern definition should be Capturing with Light.

I believe that your children and pets should be captured as you see them. The way that we see our pets and our children is different from how others see them. A typical session lasts one to two hours to give your children time to adjust and just be themselves. It is the everyday expressions that give life to their little faces.

As a graduate of the Ryerson Photography program in Toronto, I believe that the time that I spent was invaluable for learning the technical aspects of photography but it wasn't until the birth of my daughter that I truly began to learn to be a photographer. At first it was just about capturing her in a technically well produced photograph. Now, it has become about capturing her true character, beauty and charm. I am often amazed at the sheer number of expressions that can come out of one child.

It is often the small nuances that really make the subtle difference and really bring out the essence of a child’s personality. It is not just the little hands, but how they are holding their favourite doll or grabbing at their own feet.
Whether it is a family session or a newborn baby, I want to photograph the natural beauty that is within everyone. In every session my goal is to see your child or pet as you see them and capture that in an image that you will treasure forever.